I’ve selected some of the best nature spots in Amsterdam for you

Enjoy a nature tour in Amsterdam with a biologist and certified nature guide. The Vondelpark, Beatrixpark and Amsterdam Forest are amongst the chosen locations.

1 pair of breeding storks, 5 thousand trees, and 10 million human visitors a year. Explore the secrets of Amsterdam’s most famous park.

Named after the former queen, this park was part of a work project to face growing unemployment. It houses a medicinal garden created for the Floriade exhibition in 1972.

Amsterdam’s most recent park. An example of how a recreational area can be created while favouring the city’s biodiversity.

Roughly three times larger than Central Park, this forest was created to provide Amsterdam’s inhabitants with a green recreational area. Its creation was part of a huge employment project starting in 1934, with the last tree being planted in 1970, after a long period of stagnation caused by the Second World War. It is now a mature forest with a diverse landscape which provides habitat for many flora and fauna species.

On the northern banks of the Nieuwe Meer lies a wild natural area, tamed only by grazing Scottish Highland cattle. With its diversified soils and typical vegetation it shows a variety of landscapes right next to each other: willow forest, reed-swamp, carr and sandy areas with dune vegetation.

Tourists can choose from a fixed schedule. For groups and companies I offer tailor-made tours.

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